I grew up in Indiana. I'm number four of five sisters. No brothers. "Your poor dad!" We used to hear that a lot. As far as previous occupations go, there have been many, including retail, elementary school teacher, medical lab tech, insurance, finance and more. Currently, I live in rural Ohio with my husband, two children and a lab/border collie mix. I love weird trivia and humorous antidotes, so you'll find them sprinkled throughout my blog.

Writing has been something I've enjoyed since grade school. My stories are a blend of fantasy, science fiction, romance, the paranormal and religion. I like to create worlds built on my own core belief in the Presence of God. The characters I create don't necessarily share my beliefs, so don't expect saintly heroes, sanitized plot lines, and squeaky-clean dialogue. As a writer, I like to explore a wide range of human experiences. And, on occasion, non-human as well. My books break too many of the conventional rules for me to classify myself under a specific genre. This makes them difficult to market, but if that was my main focus, it would take all of the fun out of it. This means that my books appeal to a rare kind of reader, seldom seen in captivity. Someone who is Pro-Christian, but not stuffy; has a good imagination; enjoys adventure; willing to face our fallen nature straight on.

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