Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Mission Begins

More on the next installment of the Galatia Series...

The hunt for the Blood Map is on!  Follow the last survivors of the human race as their adventures on Future Earth continue. 

Led by an alien artifact called the Seeker of the Four Winds, Josie, Lars and the Red Squad risk everything to save their people from annihilation. But with a demented warlock on the loose, and growing political unrest within their homeland, what will they find waiting for them upon their return?

Seeker of the Four Winds has been turned over to my wonderful editor, Josephine. After passing it back-and-forth several times, we are down to the final edit. Notice her name is the same as my main character’s. It’s a sign! That’s what I said when she joined the team. Does that make me superstitious? Well, probably a little.

The precise release date remains a mystery. The goal was sometime in January 2014, but it's looking more like early February . Keep watching this blog for updates.

Book Two of the Galatia Series, coming in January 2014.

For your convenience, read a sample right now.