Monday, December 10, 2012

Writes From Readers

Fan mail is a rare treat for a relatively unknown author like me, so I thought I'd share:

Dear Ms. Verhoff, I enjoy reading about teen girls who have interests outside of dating and clothes. Glory isn't a wizard, she doesn't fight vampires or zombies, but kicks butt in her very own way. Her weapon is never giving up. Glory rocks! ~ Nicole* from Boulder, CO (12-4-2012)

Hello Nicole:

You are right about Glory Alley. While she's not immune from fantasizing about nice clothes and dating, most of her energy is focused elsewhere. As you know, her dream is to become a geologist, but her first priority is simply surviving her dysfunctional family. Like all teens, Glory Alley is a rich and complex individual. She is stubborn to a fault, yet insecure about her place in the world. As a daughter, grand daughter, sister, friend, rock collector, student, budding geologist, spelunker and a dreamer--she must learn to balance her strengths and weaknesses within these many roles.

Some readers have come away from the book calling her selfish and labeling her the bad guy. Others see her as the selfless hero. I find the range of reactions interesting, but not surprising. We're all part saint and sinner. Whichever category others decide to place us in depends on their unique experiences.

By the way, I love the way you defined Glory's weapon as never giving up. If you don't mind, I'm going to borrow some of your comments. Your email made my day. I really appreciate the time you took to contact me. 

*Last name was removed to protect the reader's identity

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