Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Path of Imagination

Eons ago, before the written word, stories entered the world by mouth and not by hand. Tales of the great hunt were shared orally and passed down the same way. Eventually language was converted into symbols and some of these tales were chiseled into stone or painted onto papyrus. With the advent of voice technology software, we have come full circle. Stories can enter the world via the voice before they're converted into symbolic language. Voice activation software still has a few bugs, but it keeps getting better and better. It won't be long until it's darned near perfect. When it gets to that point would I stop writing novels and convert to talking them instead? Probably not.

Intuition tells me that typing words activates a different part of my brain than speaking them out loud. I write more elegantly than I speak. Call me crazy, but I feel like the pathway from my imagination to mouth colors my words differently than the pathway from my imagination to my fingers. A story begins in the author's imagination, but surely, how it's filtered into the world affects the end product. Or does it? 

Unlike my talented ancestors who didn't have the luxury of computers, typewriters or even paper, my brain isn't wired for long verbal feats of memory, organization and story creation. It's just not. 


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