Monday, August 27, 2012

What Do Cows Think About?

The other day I was trading amusing stories about our kids with a friend. A conversation I had with my son sprang to mind. 

I had just dropped off his sister at school and was pulling away from the curb when he started telling me about his big adventure with Dad the night before. They had visited a dairy farm to pick up a load of manure. I’ll fast forward to the funny part, which is pretty much word-for-word.

He says, "And the cows, they were looking at me, and they were thinking, 'We haven't seen that kid before, he sure looks cute!'"

I ask, "How do you know they weren't thinking, 'He sure looks ornery!'?"

"Mommy," he replies, shaking his head as if my ignorance makes him sad. "Cows don’t know that word."

He was four-years-old at the time. Now he's a 3rd grader, but he still says the darndest things. Kids, they make you gray, but they keep you young. How is that possible?

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